5 Reasons

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Uncategorized

Here are 5 reasons why the Ron Paul Curriculum students get more benefits education wise  than public schoolers.

  1. The classes are taught by people who hold PHDs in the subject they are teaching, and sometimes in other subjects as well.
  2. Being in a homeschooling environment means less distractions, more concentration, and ultimately more learning.
  3. The frequent essay writing and intensive reading that the curriculum requires gives the invaluable skill of effective writing which basically all of public schoolers (and the majority of adults) lack.
  4. All of the textbooks and reading materials are provided, which means you could save hundreds of dollars on even a single course.
  5. And, one of the best reasons is that when students are given history reading assignments, they are given original historical texts and government documents, instead of reiterated biased essays from the school board.

Even one of these reasons is a good reason to switch to the Ron Paul Curriculum, instead of staying in the rapidly collapsing public school situation, or going through the common-core biased pro government Khan Academy.


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