15 Reasons

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Here are 15 reasons why I benefit from the Ron Paul Curriculum.

  1. It’s a homeschooling curriculum, therefore I’m getting a much better education than I would be getting if I was public schooled.
  2. It is reading intensive, which allows me to expand the speed at which I read, and also dramatically increases my comprehension of topics and my intensive reading skills.
  3. It is taught by people who hold PHDs in the subject they are teaching, which means that actually know what they are talking about.
  4. It teaches correct a worldview, whereas other curriculums don’t even touch the subject in fear of offending someone.
  5. The parent has no involvement other than read the weekly essays of the student, which means they can focus on other things, such as a job.
  6. All 180 lessons are provided at once, so the student can do the course at his or her own pace.
  7. It teaches the dangers of big government, which provides a healthy political position.
  8. The parent is asked not to nag the child to do the work, so in the end the curriculum develops self discipline.
  9. The curriculum requires weekly essays which increases conversational skills, sentence formation, helps develop a unique way of talking, and improves writing and storytelling skills. All of which most of society is lacking today.
  10. Even in the math and science sources there are no textbooks to buy, because they’re all provided.
  11. High school has two year long courses on Western Civilization, which normally only happens in college.
  12. The curriculum offers a year long course in public speaking.
  13. The curriculum teaches how to communicate your message using digital platforms such as YouTube, WordPress and Scrivener.
  14. The cost is less than a parent-intensive curriculum is. Actually only $1.37 per day, and even less if more than one child is signed up.
  15. And everything comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

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