Two USPs

Posted: April 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

USPs are Unique Selling Points. Here are two USPs of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

  1. It is a self taught homeschooling curriculum, meaning that all the work is done by the student. In the end, the student ultimately decides whether they learn or not. Thus making it a self-disciplinary curriculum, too. The great part about self taught homeschooling is that the student goes at their own pace, meaning they actually learn. This is vital for obvious reasons, one of those reasons being that the curriculum being self taught is one of the key factors that always makes this curriculum a better choice than other curriculums.
  2. The courses are taught by PHDs. This is important because one of the main reasons students aren’t learning is because their teachers seriously lack education in teaching, or knowledge about the taught subject. This is more common in public schools, but is also prominent in homeschooling curriculums where the parents teach the children.

These are two of my favorite reasons to switch to the Ron Paul Curriculum. Both are very good at defending themselves, because most people don’t think that this type of curriculum is possible.

Oh contraire, I say.


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