The memorable memoir

Posted: August 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

The story that stuck out the most to me about Cabeza De Vaca’s biography was the chapter where the indians basically adopted them because they had “healing powers”. Or at least that’s what they thought.

Cabeza and his fellow shipmates would lay hands on the sick indians and say a prayer, then the indians would say all the pain would be gone.

The indians were very impressed, so they kept Cabeza and his friends around in case anyone got sick. Of course, Cabeza gave the indians some of the medicine they had brought from Spain to keep them well.

Soon they ran out of medicines, and Cabeza and his friends started getting sick, and most of them died. To the indian’s surprise, some of Cabeza’s men started eating the corpses of the dead men. At this point Cabeza states that the indians were so surprised at this that they would have killed them if they didn’t know them so well.

Of course, Cabeza’s group’s usefulness ended with them getting sick, because they couldn’t perform hearings if they were sick. So the indians started killing them as they got sick.

I found it surprising how fast the indians turned on Cabeza when they learned that they weren’t useful. This type of story makes you wonder about your own friends, and how loyal they actually are. It makes you wonder if they’re just using you for the things you can do for them.

Stories as good as this only come from history.


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