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Bicycle Vs. Tally-ho

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Magic

There is much debate over which brand of playing cards is better, and the debate is usually with one side with Bicycle cards and the other side with Tally-Ho cards. Today, hopefully I can settle this feud. The bottom line is, Tally-Ho cards have a better stock and finish, therefore they last longer, but they are twice as expensive as Bicycle cards, while Bicycle cards have a lower quality stock and finish, but the brand is more popular. Let’s look at this in detail:


Finish: Linoid

Stock: Tally-Ho stock

Overall quality: Amazing

Are the spectators comfortable with them? Not as much, considering that Bicycle is more popular.


Finish: Air-cushion

Stock: N/A

Overall quality: Ok

Are the spectators comfortable with them? Yes

As you can see, Tally-Ho cards are definitely better, but since the spectators aren’t necessarily comfortable with them, then stick to Bicycle cards. If you want to be brave, then use Tally-Ho cards for magic. Don’t get me wrong, they are excellent cards for magic, but the spectators might think it’s a trick deck, because they aren’t used to the design. If you are looking for a Bicycle deck, the best one I found is here:                     The best Tally-Ho deck I found is here:


The Ambitious Card Routine

Posted: November 6, 2014 in Magic

The ambitious card routine can be one of the most powerful routines in all of card magic, if you do it right. Do your difficult moves first, and then move on to the moves that you can do smoothly without anyone noticing. The reason I recommend that is because as the trick progresses, the spectators are going to be paying closer and closer attention, trying to figure out how you’re doing it. Most of the time, before the trick, the spectator will underestimate you. When you do this routine, they will come back to you for more, this time with friends. Those friends will tell other friends. Soon you’re famous, to an extent. All because you did this simple routine. The effect of the routine is simple: The spectator chooses a card, you bury it in the deck, and when the spectator snaps their fingers, the card is on top. You bury it again, and again, it’s on top. Basically no matter what, it appears on top. And I always close up this routine with their card, under impossible circumstances, folded in quarters inside my shoe. They can keep the card, and examine the deck. I’ve always found that the trick is much more powerful when they get to sign the card. They’re going to keep the card, anyway, they might as well get to sign it, too. But the reason that it’s more powerful is because when their selected card comes to the top, it’s one thing, but when it’s their signed card, there is confirmation in the spectator’s mind that there can’t be any duplicates in the deck, and they know that they only signed ONE card. That’s their personal signature, and you can’t duplicate it, and they know it. It’s best to have them sign the card in Sharpie. Silver or gold if you’re using black cards for the routine, and black if you’re just using Bicycle or Tally-Ho cards. (By the way I really recommend Tally-Ho cards, because they last a lot longer). If you’re new to magic, then learn this routine. If you’re a professional and you don’t do this routine, shame on you, you’re missing out.

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