The memorable memoir

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The story that stuck out the most to me about Cabeza De Vaca’s biography was the chapter where the indians basically adopted them because they had “healing powers”. Or at least that’s what they thought.

Cabeza and his fellow shipmates would lay hands on the sick indians and say a prayer, then the indians would say all the pain would be gone.

The indians were very impressed, so they kept Cabeza and his friends around in case anyone got sick. Of course, Cabeza gave the indians some of the medicine they had brought from Spain to keep them well.

Soon they ran out of medicines, and Cabeza and his friends started getting sick, and most of them died. To the indian’s surprise, some of Cabeza’s men started eating the corpses of the dead men. At this point Cabeza states that the indians were so surprised at this that they would have killed them if they didn’t know them so well.

Of course, Cabeza’s group’s usefulness ended with them getting sick, because they couldn’t perform hearings if they were sick. So the indians started killing them as they got sick.

I found it surprising how fast the indians turned on Cabeza when they learned that they weren’t useful. This type of story makes you wonder about your own friends, and how loyal they actually are. It makes you wonder if they’re just using you for the things you can do for them.

Stories as good as this only come from history.


Being scared

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So if someone comes up from behind you and scares you, for a few seconds your heart beats faster. This is because of a substance called adrenaline, produced by the adrenal gland. Its purpose is to provide the energy necessary to fuel the fight-or-flight response.

The Fight or Flight response is something your brain does when it senses you’re in danger. It has the adrenal gland produce the necessary amount of adrenaline to either fight the new threat, or run from it. Adrenaline essentially makes you superhuman for a short time.

There are things that adrenaline does to your muscles that make them 10x stronger than they should be, without having them grow. That’s creepy and weird.

But to sum it up, you temporarily become superhuman when someone scares you.

Business 1

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The Business 1 course offered as a part of the Ron Paul Curriculum could very well be a great edition to your educational repertoire. The course goes over the fundamentals of sales, what makes a good sale, how to start a business, how to sell, marketing, sales pitches, and even how Dr. Gary North marketed the curriculum.

The course is taught by Dr. Gary North, and he basically holds your hand through the whole thing, so that by the end of the course you at lest know the difference between marketing and promotions.

It is a well-rounded, solid course that needs to find its way into your school year sometime soon.

Coming to a theatre near you.

Seeing that the sun provides such a huge amount of energy (more than enough for twenty years) to the earth every day, it would make sense that nature gets its use out of it. But some of it doesn’t. As it turns out there are still some animals that die from starvation.

But this is not the sun’s fault. Stop blaming the sun.

Some of the animals and plants consume more energy than others do, so it makes it difficult for the remainder to get the nutrients that they need to survive. For example, flowers on the forest floor aren’t going to get as much sunlight as the trees that canopy over them, so the result may be starvation.

This isn’t the sun’s fault.


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Why should parents have to homeschool their kids when the kids can do the work themselves?

You can give your children access to thousands of video lectures taught by PHDs who are trained in the subject fields. They would do the lessons themselves, at their own pace, which would increase their learning significantly and teach them self discipline. The courses are reading and writing intensive too, which builds strong life skills that most adults are lacking. Your kids will shoot up past the intelligence of their peers in a matter of months, possibly completing a whole grade in that time. The courses are structured to make passing the CLEP exams a breeze, as well as the AP exam and all other college tests.

All without you lifting a finger.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Two USPs

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USPs are Unique Selling Points. Here are two USPs of the Ron Paul Curriculum.

  1. It is a self taught homeschooling curriculum, meaning that all the work is done by the student. In the end, the student ultimately decides whether they learn or not. Thus making it a self-disciplinary curriculum, too. The great part about self taught homeschooling is that the student goes at their own pace, meaning they actually learn. This is vital for obvious reasons, one of those reasons being that the curriculum being self taught is one of the key factors that always makes this curriculum a better choice than other curriculums.
  2. The courses are taught by PHDs. This is important because one of the main reasons students aren’t learning is because their teachers seriously lack education in teaching, or knowledge about the taught subject. This is more common in public schools, but is also prominent in homeschooling curriculums where the parents teach the children.

These are two of my favorite reasons to switch to the Ron Paul Curriculum. Both are very good at defending themselves, because most people don’t think that this type of curriculum is possible.

Oh contraire, I say.

Here’s why.

If you’re public schooled, you are in one of two positions.

Position one: You hate public school and want to be homeschooled.

Position two: You are ok with public school and don’t really care.

I will address both positions. Conversations I normally have with public schoolers about homeschooling typically end up with them either claiming that their parents don’t have the time to homeschool them and they want a social life, or claiming that even though they know homeschooling is a better option than public schooling, their parents don’t have time and they want a social life.

Both responses are saying the same thing. What they fail to realize is that the Ron Paul Curriculum is self taught, meaning all the lessons and materials are provided online, so the parent doesn’t have to do anything past purchasing the courses. They also seem to believe that public school is the only place where you can socialize.

With this online approach, the students go through their schooling at their own pace, meaning that learning is actually taking place. The courses are of course taught by people who hold PHDs in the taught subject, so you’re actually getting taught something worthwhile from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.

If you want more reasons, check out my 15 reasons essay.